A picture of Ricardo

I'm a Portuguese web developer currently living in Montreal, Canada. 🇨🇦

Currently, I work with the wonderful people at Shopify as a front-end developer. I seriously enjoy doing a bit of the many different worlds in development, but front-end is definitely where the heart is.

I maintain a separate website for my work at ricardofilipe.com. Why I have a separate one, I have no idea. It's also incredibly outdated, you've been warned.

The blog

This blog is built using Jekyll and hosted on Github Pages, and of course you can check out its source code. As well as serving as a blogging platform, it's also an excuse for me to try different patterns of development on the client side, so structure here is very experimental and bound to be changed a lot!

The original theme upon this was built was Pixyll, of which I stripped pretty much all markup and styling, but kept some of the Jekyll functionality as this was my first stab with the blogging platform. Big thanks and credits to its author!